Opening session (Induction) of B.Ed. 1st Year for the academic session 2021-23 will be held on 20th January, 2022 at 11.00 am at the college hall


Rules and Regulations:



     The following codes of conduct are to be followed by the students – teachers undergoing Bachelor of Education    Course in the D. M. College of Teacher Education, Imphal.
  • All student – teachers are to occupy their respective seats before the teacher enters the class.
  • Response to the roll call can be made by using the following expressions only Yes Sir / Yes Madam / Yes Please / Madam Please / Present Sir/ Present Madam.
  • In no case proxy is to be done. If proxy is done, 3 days attendance of the concerned trainee will be cancelled. Everyone should observe the ethics of the teacher by not committing proxy.
  • As attendance is compulsory, during the roll call, the student – teachers should observe silence so that every student – teachers may get the chance of giving response to the roll call.
  • Punctuality in attendance is encouraged. Attendance Student – teachers who come late after the roll call will not be counted. They will be treated as absent for the day.
  • While the teacher-educator is inside the class, any students – teacher who want to enter class or leave the class should take permission from the concerned teacher.
  • While the teacher is inside the room, only the Front door is to be used while entering and leaving the class room. In no case the teacher should permit the students – teachers to enter and to leave the class room by the backdoor.
  • Chewing pan and smoking cigarette inside the class rooms and Library rooms are strictly prohibited. College premise is NO SMOKING ZONE.
  • Every student – teachers and faculty members of the college should maintain modest in dress, behaviour and conduct inside the college campus.
  • Students – teachers are to collect their identity cards as and when it is announced by the principal.
  • Library cards for using library book can be taken from the Librarian on production of the college identity cards. Two cards will be issued for borrowing two books by using the cards. The books are to be deposited to the library as and when it is notified for return.
  • Student – teachers should not borrow the library books for more than a fortnight. Fine will be imposed to any student-teacher who retained the library books for more than a fortnight.
  • All student – teachers are requested to keep their cycles/ scooter etc. in the vehicle shed.
  • Every student – teacher has to develop the habit of seeing the general notice board for collection of day-to-day information.
  • Attendance of student – teachers will be assessed for every month. The cumulative attendance should not be less than 75% of the total classes before practice teaching. Failing which any student – teachers are not eligible for undergoing practice teaching and appearing final examination.
  • As per Manipur University regulation for Bachelor of Education Course, a student – teacher whose attendance fall short of 75% of the total lecturer delivered will not be allowed to appear in the Final Examination under Rule.
  • Leave account will be maintained by the office of the Principal during the period of deputation. All leave applications should be submitted to the principal. Student – teacher who is found unauthorized absent for 6 consecutive working days is to be reported to the concerned authorities for disciplinary action.
  • Change of subjects in method papers and additional papers will be allowed at the risk of the student – teachers. In no case transfer of attendance from one method paper to another method paper will be allowed.


(Dr. H. Ibomcha Sharma)


D. M. College of Teacher Education